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Silent Circle


Silent Circle first performed in 1979, but soon parted ways. In the early ’80s, the trio reformed and decided to form a more solid group. Hence, that marked the beginning of Silent Circle. Their first single, “Hide Away – Man is Comin’!”, gained considerable limelight followed by a number of other successful singles like “Touch in the Night”, “Stop the Rain”, “Love is just a Word” and “Time for Love”. In 1986, they released their first album No. 1, consisting of 11 songs. The album was launched under the Blow Up label of Intercord Company. Meanwhile, Harald Shaefer replaced Axel Breitung for public performances, and the band’s founder and leader then devoted himself totally to writing and producing new songs.

In 1987, 2 singles were released on Teldec, “Danger Danger” and “Oh, Don’t Lose Your Heart Tonight”. In 1990, another album was released by Silent Circle, containing 10 songs, two being from 1987 and two being remixes. In 1993, a compilation entitled Best Of Silent Circle was released and contained only remixed and other versions of their old songs. In 1994, a new album was released entitled Back, containing 12 new songs. In 1998, they released another album entitled Stories ’bout Love containing 12 new songs.



  • “Hide Away – Man is Comin’!” (1985)
  • “Touch in the Night” (1985)
  • “Stop the Rain” (1986)
  • “Love Is Just a Word” (1986)
  • “Time for Love” (1986)
  • “Danger Danger” (1987)
  • “Oh, Don’t Lose Your Heart Tonight” (1987)
  • “Moonlight Affair” (1987)
  • “I Am Your Believer” (1989)
  • “What a Shame” (1989)
  • “2night” (1993)
  • “Every Move, Every Touch” (1994)
  • “Egyptian Eyes” (promo only) (1996)
  • “Touch in the Night ’98” (1998)
  • “One More Night” (1998)
  • “Night Train” (1999)
  • “I Need a Woman” (2000)


  • 1 (1986)
  • 2 (1990)
  • Back (1994)
  • Stories ’bout Love (1998)

Compilation albums

  • Best Of Silent Circle (1993, Dusty Records)
  • Back II (1997, Dusty Records)
  • Touch In The Night (limited edition) (1998, VMP International)
  • Their Greatest Hits Of The 90’s (2000, AWP Records)
  • Hits & More (2010, Hargent Media)
  • The Original Maxi-Singles Collection (2014, Pokorny Music Solutions)