Disco 80s music is unimaginable without Euro-Disco, filled the dance floors of Western Europe.

After the triumph of the classic disco and synth-disco romance – the world heartened Euro-Disco both rhythmic and sentimental direction of dance music.

Songs from the United States finally give way to the hits from England and Germany.


In the late ’70s in Europe under the influence of American disco and pop music there Euro-Disco, representatives of which are Silver Convention, Boney M, Munich Machine, and some American artists such as Donna Summer. One of the most influential producers of that time recognized Giorgio Moroder, Frank Farian and Cerrone, also noted the impact of the German group Kraftwerk.

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In Europe, one of the first disco hits was the song «J’attendrai» by Dalida (1975). However, just because the German group «Silver Convention», style “disco” began its victorious march across the European dance floors.


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1986 Modern Talking – broke out a wave of popularity of the team contributed in the promotion of mass Euro-Disco projects of interest to them. For a certainty due Euro-Disco in this case should be understood synthesizer dance music, mostly created by German bands and artists. With what started Euro-Disco movement? The original was a formed Euro-Disco producer, the peak of popularity which belongs to the era of disco classic ’70s (1975 – 1982). Their  projects (the most famous projects – Boney M, Dschinghis Khan) can be considered as the first wave, which expects less sad fate than their counterparts on the works on the other side of the Atlantic, accelerated pace to dethrone the very way of music. Sound Euro-Disco early 80s is no longer new. And with the release of “You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul” by Modern Talking it is clear that there is a new wave of Euro-Disco movement, which has become a defining this term and turn Germany into the leading countries in the production of disco music from 1984 to 1988 .



This is not a foregone conclusion who first created a sound Euro-Disco or possible impact on its appearance. However, in view of the merits of the famous composer, singer and producer, to create an array of great songs, we assume that it Dieter Bohlen first “polished” Euro-Disco sound, achieving a unique and soulful sound of his main brainchild – the duo Modern Talking. This is also a sensational popularity and record sales Modern Talking. Of course, the emergence of “You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul” influenced Italo Disco, which by 1984 becomes stable “image” that has been preserved until the loss of interest of the audience and producers.

In the next year or two, there is a lot of work groups and artists, mainly from Germany, please us the unforgettable hits, albeit inferior refinement Modern Talking. We are talking about Bad Boys Blue (Solid material close to Modern Talking sound – a great achievement of the duo of producers Tony Hendrik and K. Van Haaren – authors of their songs), Joy (Touch By Touch – fascinating synthesizers from the Austrians) and Silent Circle (album ” №1 “- perfect in every way). Sandra, whose popularity, since the release of the single “Maria Magdalena” (1985) allows us to consider it the second largest performer of German Euro-Disco or, if you name the producer Michael Cretu can be linked to a separate branch Euro-Disco.


List of Euro disco artists

Bad Boys Blue
Blue System
Boys Next Door
C.C. Catch
Début de Soirée
Digital Emotion
F.R. David
Gina T

Grant Miller
Joy Peters
Lian Ross
Lili & Sussie
Linda Jo Rizzo
London Boys
Max Him
Mike Mareen

Modern Talking
New Baccara
Patty Ryan
Silent Circle
Video Kids

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