Love for Sale


“Love for Sale”

In the following year 1977 band released their second album Boney M. “Love for Sale”. Thanks to the use of the newest achievements of Phonics, the album is very modern. Even today, songs such as “Ma Baker” and “Belfast” sound fresh and interesting, while remaining a recognized classic euro disco!
However, it is worth mentioning and what style of Boney M. to the moment before the end is not formed, and most of the tracks (such as “Silent Lover” or “Love For Sale”), still sounded very UN-American.

Ma Baker

Ma Baker – Her entry makes flinch: “All stand! I Mother Baker-Hands Up! Chase your money here! “. Song-ballad tells a brief biography of Kate “Mother” Barker: “she was the most brutal paternal aunt around old Chicago. She threw her husband-he was not sufficiently harsh. She had no heart “.


Boney M-Ma Baker


As a big fan of American culture, Farian took as a basis the text of the real story of the life of American gangsters. This time the heroine has become Mother-Barker brutal cutthroat, which along with seven sons cast horror on provincial banks Midwestern times of the great depression.
“She captured their boys because they were evil and strong”.
The song is full of interesting effects: for example, FBI radio, in which everyone who has information “about the most searched woman”, are kindly requested to inform the nearest police station.
“They committed a series of crimes across the United States, and when one of the boys killed, she made all pay.”

The finale of the story was predictable: “One day they robbed the Bank-this was their most successful business. The cops came too quickly and they could not leave. What they plundered, pull them crazy. They don’t like to the gallows, so they died with guns in hands.
For the song was filmed by professional video clip, whose plot is sent out to American drama gangsters 60s.

Success was not long in coming: 2-nd place in the UK, 1 in the Netherlands and Norway. And the song once again hit the American hit parade, right at the very end-on 96. However, even the fact that creativity is an aspiring German group reached America, speaks of a very high quality of its music. From the outset, Frank raised the quality bar high, as much as possible and the result exceeded all expectations! “Mother” was warmly accepted by American DJs and soon became a club hit, finishing 31-th place in the dance charts Hot Dance Club Songs chart (it was based on DJ summaries). The total circulation of plates exceeded 8 million!



Theme single “Belfast” became a protracted bloody conflict between Irish Catholics and Protestants separated by history into two warring camps. At one time the writer Jonathan Swift (who, as you know, was a Catholic pastor), described this wanton and cruel confrontation as a war ” Blunt End and Sharp End ” in the satirical novel Gulliver’s travels. ” Its heroes fought, because could not agree-which side you want to break the boiled eggs-with a blunt or sharp?


More Story

History of this song at least curious! Young German musician Drafi Djojcher wrote it for Marcia Barrett in the early 70 ‘s during the first Boney M. tour, when the band was a deficit of its own material, Marcia performed “Belfast” in live performances and audience he liked. However, Farian long did not want to include this song in the permanent repertoire of the group because of its politicized text also, in their original sound, it is very different from the other songs Boney M.

Today show-business stars love to get involved in all sorts of different problems of the world, speaking the protection of children in Ethiopia, taking the side of homosexuals, in the hope that it would cause a stir, and they write media. However, whether the “Belfast” on the album “Love For Sale”, has been given Farian painfully. Proof of the German release of the album, where “Belfast” not yet enabled.


Boney M. – Belfast (1977)

In one of the later interview Frank repented, that was a mistake on his part to allow a song on such a difficult topic in the repertoire of the pop group, whose work to entertain the audience, rather than fight for peace. Commercially, however, was not a single failure-he took 8-th place in the chart, which was very nice!

The first “experienced” song-less Gilla promoted (but not less interesting) Frank. In December 1976-go for it was recorded a self-titled German cover, which entered the album “ Zieh mich aus “(” Undress me “). Since then, the singer repeatedly sang German songs are covers of Boney M. and the last, so, check “Belfast” was included on the album, “Love For Sale”.

In the Ulster “Belfast” was banned by the censors, as “appealing to inter-ethnic conflict. Of solidarity it banned in several other European countries, a loyal UK. Frank did not dare to release it and the market of English-speaking America and Canada-overseas releases it replaced hit “Daddy Cool”.

Towards the glory
Title track of the album “Love For Sale”- it’s a cover of Blues variety American poet and composer Cole Porter (1891-1964), and it’s was written in 1930, for the musical “ The New Yorkers “. Performed by Boney M., and it’s sounded much more dynamic then Original !




The song “Have You Ever Seen the Rain?”– a cover of the rock ballad into group Living Clearwater Revival. At one time original song ranked 8th place on the Billboard. Some music critics felt that the meaning of it was metaphorical, and in 1970, it was generally understood that meant rain rain of bombs and napalm, which United States Army generously watered peaceful Vietnamese village…
Performed by Boney M. Rock composition has evolved into a children’s song.
Two songs were devoted to the history of African-Americans: “Plantation Boy” and “Motherless Child”. They both tell about times of colonization, when the children of slaves were sold, forcibly separated from their parents. But there is a deeper meaning: children, deprived of a mother are, in a sense, all the blacks in the new world, girls separated from their mother – Africa! Something her theme was close and team members, each of whom left the (admittedly already voluntarily), its warm homeland to live in cold, but prosperous Europe.

And here’s the track “Gloria, Can you Waddle” is nothing more, than a remake of the song “Baby Do You Wanna Bump” from the previous album.


Boney M-Still I’m Sad 

Finishes plate lyric composition “Still I’m Sad”– a cover of the song belongs to the British band The Yardbirds.
Today, after years, we can detect one curious detail-none of the songs from this album, created by the canons of classic American disco (“Silent Lover”, “Gloria, Can You Waddle”, “A Woman Can Change A Man”, etc.) was not given special popularity, but the pilot “Ma Baker” and rebellious “Belfast” are alive to this day! It is said that imitation is not always taking us to guarantee success, and sometimes brings originality where big dividends! Both singles reached the 1 on the German charts and hit the top 10 of the UK!

Despite dolgiy “crackdown”, the album “Love For Sale” still got into the top 20 UK hits (13), and a year later received a deserved gold. The most popular album used in Norway, where it reached the 2-nd line and stayed on the charts for a whopping 28 weeks. A little less success was in Holland: 24 weeks and also 2.



Boney M concert “Love For Sale” (1977)


Black Beautiful People

In the first tour Boney M. accompanied the troupe alive musicians “The Black Beautiful Circus “, whose title was coined by analogy with the first group, Maizie Williams Williams ‘ Black Beautiful People”.
The performances went endless succession, song held high positions in charts and Boney M. received one award after another: “Golden Lion”, “Golden Antenna” and many other awards from the television and radio stations.
As often happens in such cases, however, appeared with great success and detractors. Critics scolded megapopuljarnuju Group on what light is worth saying, and project Studio, and vulgarity which soloist Hamming and jumps on stage, holding a microphone between his legs, and the dancing girl in tight leotards! But we know what it is and like the experienced viewer!
Aggressively sexy album cover resembles a scene from the GIMP: the band members depicted almost completely naked-Bobby only narrow loincloth and the girls-only chains.



Song “Love For Sale” is written on behalf of a prostitute, who offers his love for sale: “new love, old love, any love, except than true. In the musical she played a prostitute (Katherine Crawford) with three friends. After harsh criticism, which has been handed to the creators of the musical, the song is another heroine-the black singer Elisabeth Welch. Despite the fact that the banned song on radio (and perhaps because of this), it quickly became a hit. Since then, it has been written at least ten covers, one of them in country music performed by the Manhattan Transfer-literally a year before the next famous Boney M. cover was recorded by Donald Bird in 1981.

The melody of the song “Ma Baker” was taken by Frank from a popular Tunisian song “Sidi Mansour”.
Actually “Mummy” Barker was named Arizona Donnie Clark. In its history there is nothing romantic. She and her children were sadistami, rapists, psychopaths, perverts and murderers, and knowing their story, you realize that you need to have a fair amount of cynicism, to dedicate a song to them. However, the biography of the Barkers inspired not only Farian. In 1955, John Eaton wrote an opera called, oddly enough, “Ma Baker”, and in 1970, was shot the low-budget film “Bloody Mama” by Robert Thom “Mummy Barker. Perhaps it was this film inspired by Farian (and his collaborator Friedrich Jacobson) to write the lyrics.
For the best melody of text Frank renamed mummy of the “Barker” in “Baker”. Now you know how the translated name the famous Baker Street, in which Sherlock Holmes lived!
The famous “ma-ma-ma-ma”, repeated in the song Lady Ga Ga “Poker Face” clearly borrowed from “Ma Baker”!

Originally the song Belfast called the “Londonderry” (by name of another major town in Ulster)