Children of paradise

Sunny and incredibly positive music Boney M. everywhere was cheered. On stage, the musicians were smiling, but in the team itself everything went not so smoothly. Due to the tight tour schedule, the artists worked literally for wear, which led to an aggravation of internal conflicts…

Constant concerts, crossovers, lack of sleep did not rally the group, as a result – internal relations began to crack.

A serious conflict was brewing between Liz and Marcia, who believed that she was singing no worse, but her destiny (with rare exceptions), was only for singers.

Bobby Farrell was completely deprived of the “right to vote”, and although at first he was not against phonogram performances, he was annoyed by the provocative questions of journalists about his voice, forcing the artist to constantly excuse himself.

“Some members of The Monkeys or even The Beatles could not sing, too, but nobody paid any attention to this!”, He said bitterly in an interview, but the more he defended himself, the fiercer the sharks of his pen were tormented.

The necessary pause was due to the pregnancy of Liz Mitchell – in 1979 the singer married American actor Thomas Pemberton, and a year later she had the first son Aaron. Everyone, including Frank, rejoiced this random “vacation”. For the first time in a long time, artists received leave to rest and solve family problems.

However, for the creation of the group, this pause became fatal…

The Magic of Boney M. – 20 Golden Hits

1 February 1980

But the show should continue, and that the interest of fans to the creativity of Boney M. did not fade away, Farina decided to fill the creative pause with the release of the collection of 20 best hits Boney M.

The plate was packed in a shining gold cover, on which the letter “M” was laid out from photos of the participants.

In addition to well-known hits like “Rivers Of Babylon” and “Daddy Cool”, the collection includes two new songs: “I See A Boat On The River” and “My Friend Jack”, as well as tracks from extra-album singles: “Mary’s Boy Child” , “Oh My Lord” and “Hooray! Hooray! It’s A Holi-Holiday. “

The release of the collection was another commercial success of the band: it was the third album in a row, which topped the British chart!

In the hit parade of Norway, he took 2nd place, in Finland he received gold.

I See a Boat on the River / My Friend Jack

April 1980

… But it was gold of the last years.

The new single was not so successful!

Although in the home chart he took the 5th place, in the UK he did not rise above the 57th position, becoming the biggest failure since the band was founded!

The title song “I See a Boat on the River” was written by Gisel Wychinger (or simply Gill) – another singer, produced by Farina.

In the words of the song, the pursuit of a phantom dream seemed allegorical as a boat sailing into the ocean.

Boney M. – (I Beg You) Boat On The River

Just like Boney M., the glory of the Gila project also gradually swam with the fashion to the disco, which over time prompted Gisela and her husband Helmut Rolfs to change the stage to the soft chairs of the producers…

On the reverse side of the single was a cover of the psychedelic song of the 1967 British band The Smoke – “My Friend Jack”. In the text reflecting the realities of the hippie era, it was talked about Jack, who eats sugar cubes (meaning LSD) and “travels on his own mind.”

Ironically, at this very time, the ex-member of The Smoke (the group broke up in the 76th) Zek Lund worked for Farian as a sound engineer.


Saying: “Never change horses in midstream”, the year 1980 was perhaps the most unfortunate moment for creative pause!

In Germany reach it only snatches of news about events that took place over the ocean is a noisy campaign Disco Sucks Night, insane destruction disco at the Chicago Stadium, Comiskey Park, and the ensuing strong rejection of disco music recording labels.

It seemed Europe all this did not touch, but also in the old world the increasing popularity gaining new synthesizer music and gorgeous disco-hits like Gelly song “Tom Cat” and “Go Down Main Street” suddenly were not wanted.

Farina, certainly felt that the days of disco are already considered (the drop in demand for new works of Boney m. alluded to this), but what kind of music will love the 80 ‘s generation, it was still not clear.

Even colleagues could not serve as a reliable reference point-every shot the way independently, experimenting with synthesizers, trying new forms…

The upcoming album was born in doubts and creative torment. Titles he has yet to be released, but already was-November 1980.

Other musicians also not sat idly by.

Creative ego Bobby and Marcia Barrett has prompted them to begin working on solo projects.

Over time, this will lead to a split of the group, but until all the questions press musicians responded that tear the relationship with Boney m. they are not collected.

Children Of Paradise/Gadda-Da-Vida September 1980

Two months before the album was released the single “Children Of Paradise/Gadda-Da-Vida”, which was held in the summer in Nice.

Cover all four musicians were depicted in a different mood that was highly symbolic: jubilant Liz Mitchell, scowling Bobby, the runaway Marcia …

On the back was written in large letters: “from the new album Boney M., sales from November 1980-th”.

The song “Children of Paradise” was a cover version of the hit of the Moroccan singer Yunis Meghri (Younès Mégri) «Leïli» Twil 1973. However, it resembled little more than his gentle and sensual the original, which sounded quite differently sad and Oriental exotic.

One can only marvel at creative imagination Farina who combine a wonderful motif with disco rhythm! The name of the song, perhaps inspired the eponymous year 1945 film by French filmmaker Marcel Carnegie.

B side “Gadda-Da-Vida” was the cover from a psychedelic hit 1968 year In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida “(obviously, full name Farianu seemed to be too long) by American rock group Iron Butterfly. In the song, Boney M. vocals in the introduction was made by encoded sound (very popular in the late 70 ‘s effect, mimicking the voices of robots), and formerly fatal sound (including organ) replaced synthesizers in disco fashion.


Due to prolonged creative pause (and probably also due to financial differences) in the record “Gadda-Da-Vida” did not participate, none of the original performers. Female parts performed the sessional group La Mama, masculine by tradition, Farina sang himself.

La Mama group and participated in the recording of songs Boney M., but never before had she didn’t replace themselves soloists!

As a result, the promo video not only Marcia, but also Liz had to serve under someone else’s sound track.

Work with La Mama Farina liked it (probably just go cheaper), and the further you go, the more it will resort to their assistance, ignoring the original soloists.

The single was ranked 11st place in the homeland, that in general it was not bad, but in the UK, where the Group’s popularity plummeted, only 66-Felicidad (Margherita)

December 1980-th

The low success of the September singles made Farina again rethink the future album.

It became evident that the disco in the UK (under the strong influence of American pop culture) listen to no longer want.

As a result, scheduled for November release was postponed. Seeking to avoid failure at any cost, Frank invested in recording future songs, more time and effort.

In total, the album release was delayed for nearly a year. Instead of album was released another single “Felicidad (Margherita)”- a cover of the song 1979 g. Italian band Massara “Margherita (Love In The Sun).

In Germany, the disco was popular, and the single was ranked high 6, 27 weeks

four in the TOP 10.

Just like last time, Frank tried to record a single with the group La Mama, but record company clearly hinted to him that will not produce counterfeit recording. Relationship with Liz had been settled in a compromise, and she was invited to write a female vocal.

Marcia solo

In December 1980-th released solo single, Marcia Barrett “You/I’m Lonely”, written by Kelvin James and produced by John Jedmedom.

For the first time in the Group of Marcia gave a recital in London’s Drury Lane Theatre.

However, the Disco era came to an end, and the single didn’t have success. The failure forced the temporarily derogate from Marcia idea solo project.

The song “Breakaway“, written by Kelvin for the next single, entered the future album of Boney m., and Frank recorded over the composition of its vocals.

Marcia also sang “We Kill the World (Don’t Kill the World)” for the forthcoming album and single.

In 1983, singer again attempted to revisit the idea of a solo project.

She was introduced to Eddy Grant, who expressed a desire to become her producer.

But Farina is not like losing the soloist, and he recalled Marcia that she associated contractual obligations with Boney M., and hence no solo project could not be and speech. Only through long 16 years she will release his first solo album.


La Mama-female trio consisting of three vocalists: Madeleine Davis, Patricia Shockley and Cathy Bartni.

Initially, they lived in the United States, where he worked at La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club in New York.

Subsequently, part of the name was used for solo performances.

In the late 70 ‘s they moved to Germany, performing various sessional work.

During the recording of the backing vocals for the album “Shake What Yo Mama Gave Ya,” former British band Silver Convention Ramona Wolf, they were represented by Frank Mjetsom Bjorklundom guitarist.

Fascinated by their voices, Frank immediately offered them a job recording backing vocals for the album precious Wilson On the Race Track “(1980). Subsequently, due to financial disagreements and soloists Frank Boney M., girl from La Mama repeatedly filled by Marcia and Liz in recording songs Boney M.

The original title of the song “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” was only in the French version of the single.

“Feliz Navidad”-Spanish greeting Merry Christmas


In the year 2009 the original composition “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” by Iron Butterfly Group on the American version of the tv channel VH1 has been recognized by 29-th greatest song in the history of hard rock.

The single “Felicidad” was never produced in the UK, where the group is no longer had great commercial success. He did not enter production in Italy, Spain and Portugal, but already for another reason-the charts of these countries still sounded original, released a year earlier.

Interestingly, in the same year 1980 song called Felicidad Abba have-as the Spanish version we all the well-known song “Happy New Year”.